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Forex Trading Scams

This is an old trick that con man used to play and some up to now can fall victim to such a scam. It involves you picking money that has been dropped and you and the con man sharing the money. Of course, you won’t know that s/he is a con man.

How does this scam work?

This scam involves con man’s playing a two-part con. One walks past you and drops an envelope that seems to contain a lot of money. Another behind you or beside you quickly picks up the envelope as you see and suggests that you have both picked up money. They suggest that you share it and to do that you have to count it. You go to a place where it is out of site of many people such as a shoddy building or toilet, but s/he suggests staying whilst you count the money inside. To assure that you don’t run away with the money, s/he suggest you giving him a thing of value so that you don’t run away. When you look at the envelope it only seems fair to you that you give them a thing of value such as a phone or watch or the money that you have since the money in the envelope looks like a lot. When you give them a thing of value and get inside the building to count the money out of sight of people. You find out that there is no money in the envelope or the money that is inside, is actually less than what you would have issued the stranger who you are just about to share the spoil with. They sometimes fit the envelope with cut out newspapers or money that is not used anymore so that it looks like the contents are actually valuable. When you go outside to tell the stranger about it, they are no way to be found, together with your valuables that you would have handed to them. The person who dropped the envelope and the person who suggested you into sharing the spoils will be in the con and you would have been their mark.

Red flags or Warning signs

How to protect yourself

Have you ever been scammed?

  • Do you think that you have ever been scammed? If you have, you can help the next person and guide them from not being a victim by reporting this scam.
  • Reporting this scam can help your friends and family.
  • Also, seek help and guidance on how to avoid being scammed.
  • In case you have issued your banking details or any other personal information that can get your bank account defrauded, contact your bank immediately.

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